Minimum Wage

So this is a big point for the democrats in Congress? To me the minimum wage is just like welfare - you shouldn't want to be there.

Adding to the pile, if you owned a company employing high school kids & you were told - other than the fact you don't control your own business - that anyone you hire MUST be paid a guaranteed minimum wouldn't you just hire less people to do the same amount of work? Am I the only person who gets this simple truth?

Of course, this isn't lost on progressives who simply blame "big business" for the evil practice of firing employees. The liberals just don't bother to mention they're forcing the business' collective hands by mandating companies follow a minimum standard for failure. What's the next step - laws against firing? Gee, viva la (French) revolucion!

The only point - if any - that should be taken from minimum wage is simply:

"Get me the hell away from this!"

Shouldn't you want better for yourself than the bare minimum everyone else makes? If not, go ahead back to reading Karl Marx & leave this conversation to the people who already understand what he's saying.

No one ever accomplished much by wanting the least for themselves. Motivation to excel is as alien to a minimum wage-earner as a socialist. The incentive for achievement simply doesn't exist & no amount of raising the bar will succeed if it keeps your head underwater.


Matt said...

Wait, you're telling me I can fuck up someone's burger and still get a $2 an hour raise! Damn, I'm gonna be making like 40 more dollars a week!

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