Taking A Gamble

The trip to OK was a good one. We stayed in Springfield at Miss Hammy's brother's house & ate at Lambert's (the home of the Throwed Roll) - that place is just plain incredible! If you ever get the chance to eat there (there's also one in Foley,AL), I highly recommend it. You'll wait at least an hour to get in & the experience is actually worth every minute.

Cowboy didn't work out as well as we had hoped. The folks who own him definitely know how to care for horses & all of them seemed happy with the digs. Cowboy himself was decent-looking, to be sure, but his hooves were under-slung a bit & he was very stiff on the front end (to the point of circling his legs outward just a bit). He's a very friendly, yet VERY serious, yearling. While that's a spectacular quality for a show horse, I'm not looking to show all that often & his "all work" demeanor doesn't suit my attitude. I want to work a horse & also let him have some fun.

That leads us to "Gambler" - who, ironically doesn't seem like much of a gamble. We checked him out on Sunday before we headed home & this little weanling is not only sweet & playful, he's also blessed with good conformation, sturdy legs & his sire displayed similar qualities to Miss Hammy's Paint. We researched a bit more & it turns out Gambler is related to Miss Hammy's Paint (Her Paint's grand-sire is Gambler's great-grand-sire)! This may account for the similar attitudes - or not...who knows at this point.

The folks at this small farm care for their horses very well & openly answered all questions without hesitation or a "sales pitch" attitude. They let us take some video of him & a few pics. We have one concern that Miss Hammy noticed & will address that. If it's a minor issue, we'll get him vetted & consider going ahead with the purchase.

Here's a pic of the little guy...


Mrs. Who said...

It'll be one lucky horse who gets to come live with you!

patti said...

Babies! It is a long wait to riding, but lots you can do with him until then to have the horse you want in the end.

pamibe said...

Sorry Cowboy didn't work out, but Gambler looks like a sweetie. :)

Hapkido said...

Mrs. Who: Miss Hammy is the expert. I'm just trying to figure things out. That being said, I wouldn't want to own a horse unless I knew I'd be willing to throw everything into caring for the fella.

Patti: He looks like a good prospect. The personality he demonstrates is very calm & sociable & I don't mind waiting to ride - Miss Hammy lets me ride her Paint!

Pam: I'm not too disappointed in Cowboy. He's a good horse for a serious rider. When he gets big, he'll be tough to keep in line - not something I want in a horse. Gambler seems like he'll be more laid-back but has the energy to work & learn.

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