No "Option"

The "Public Option" of Obamacare is dead. Apparently, the Senate finance chairman (Max Baucus - D, Montana) says it just can't pass...sort of like a congressman after a 24-hour cheese binge.

With this in mind, I figure it's only appropriate to eulogize this abomination of a health care "plan" in the most inappropriate of ways:

Top Ten Most Likely Headlines for the Public Option's Demise
10. "Public Option no match for Public Opinion."
9. "Former-president Clinton Dismayed at Failure of Pubic Option...Claims Issue Is Misunderstood."
8. "Obamessiah Fails To Heal The Masses."
7. "Dems Left With Foot-In-Mouth Disease."
6. "President Obama Quoted As Saying: 'Uh, um, you see, uh, uh'."
5. "NYT Uncovers More Pictures From Abu-Graib."
4. "VP Biden Unavailable For Comment."
3. "Obamacare Dies of Talking Pneumonia"
2. "Public Option Still More Popular Than Congress, Poll Shows."

And the #1 headline for the failure of the public option is...

1. "Town Hall = Down Fall!!!"


Idlike2bnTX said...

I think the NYT possibility is the funniest and most likely to be printed. :)

Mrs. Who said...

What idlike2bntx said!!! Dammit.

Hapkido said...

Sadly, that's probably true. A slow news day for the mass media seems to be when something bad happens to the left's agenda...

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