Horse's Butt Award

Our great, all-knowing, merciful leader - "messiah" president barack obama has given away our European-based missile defense system...for absolutely nothing.

He claimed that his new strategy will provide "stronger, smarter & swifter" defenses against countries like Iran. Sure thing, buddy. Does your new strategy involve harsh words & spit balls? Oh, wait, you said on the news that it would be a "mobile" system. Does that mean we & our European allies you sold up the river all run for cover in bomb shelters?

So, instead of defending the USA & our allies, we're going to stick with the concept that MAD (mutually-assured destruction) is the best plan. Nevermind that we can reduce the nuclear threat of an increasingly recalcitrant Russia with this shield. No, the so-called "second coming" decided to honor the 70th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Europe by giving up the best option for the West's strategic defense.

Congratulations, Mr. president, you are the recipient of the first Crunch Time Horse's Butt "Award"! Wear it with typical liberal pride...


Mrs. Who said...

What??? Insulting good horse's asses like that?

But I'm BURNING with rage over what that o-hole has done.

SilverWings said...

I just made an entire post about it...but it's time...


I am so angry and frustrated with everything that's happening lately.


patti said...

Hey! I like horse butts - don't like the O though...

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