Double Trouble

Comedienne Whoopi Goldberg - who long ago forgot how to deliver teh funny - joined with over 100 Hollywood actors whackos in diminishing Roman Polanski's rape of a 13-year old girl in the 1970s. The wingnut declared, in typical leftist confusion, that Polanski didn't commit "rape-rape" - apparently, he "only" committed rape.

Wow, with that obvious post on the moral high ground as proof that rape isn't as bad as "rape-rape", I wonder what ways the left would defend the abominations of their other cohorts:

* Bill Clinton didn't have "sex-sex" with Monica Lewinsky.
* Jimmy Carter's presidency wasn't "lame-lame".
* Kanye West wasn't "rude-rude" when he took Taylor Swift's mic.
* Jenny Slate didn't say "f*ck-f*ck".
* The U.N. isn't "against-against" Israel's survival.
* The G20 protesters weren't "violent-violent" (um, that was the TEA party guys!)
* Charles Manson isn't "crazy-crazy".
* The public option isn't "bad-bad".

Any other ideas? Leave 'em in the comments...


pamibe said...


...or maybe it was...! LOL!

patti said...

Bette Middler isn't "stupid - stupid", oh wait, yes she is...

Harvey said...

No, I agree with Whoopi. It wasn't "rape-rape".

Since she was underage, unwilling, and unconscious, it was actually "rape-rape-rape".

patti said...

Obama didn't FAIL FAIL, heehee, yes he did

RonnyEngrish said...



SilverWings said...

It's not nice to pic on those with mental disorders...

Whoopi didn't know better. She's a liberal-liberal!


RonnyEngrish said...

Silver - I agree Whoppi is Dumb - Dumb.

It is like the detractors want to punish him for the equivilent of a boo-boo. When he should get the "Boom Boom."


Hapkido said...

Pam: Well, now, that's a darn good point!

Patti: You definitely got that right! She's out of her gourd.

Harvey: Very true. He needs to be extradited for sentencing. If anyone else fled from sentencing & then, after being caught, requested the justice system "let it go", they'd be laughed at all the way to jail.

For some reason, Hollywood whackos think they're an exception...

Patti: Yep! Looks like Rio 2016! ha ha

Silver: Whoopi seems to not know she doesn't know enough to know she should know enough to know better...she's VERY confused! :-)

Ronny: "Boom Boom" = RAMsey?

RonnyEngrish said...

*Boom Boom* quoth the RAMsey. Darn straight! Just bring the punk to the states and let him loose in the back woods. We'll make sure the problem is fixed. He will be looking for a different pair of shorts before it is all done. He will no longer need that sort of support.

Plane ticket to the US. $400
Turned loose in the backwoods. $20 (gas)
New pair of Hanes for the lack of his boys $2
Finding out what Hunters think of molesters? Priceless.

For the rest of you: *RAMsey* is the name of my 12 gauge pump duck slayer. He has struck again this season. Muwahahahaha.

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