It Does Exist!

Waaay back, I doubted the very existence of Whataburger. My friends told me it didn't exist, people mocked me for believing in Whataburger. My life was filled with doubt, fear & worry that, in fact, there WAS no Whataburger!

I just didn't know how I could go on in a world where Whataburger wasn't real...

Then, like Sarah Palin setting liberals straight on big government, Mrs. Who stepped in & renewed my hope for a real Whataburger! I was overjoyed with a bolstered sense of hope & possibility in the world that, one day, I too might enjoy the delicious wonder that is the Whataburger!

Well, that day finally arrived! I have eaten the Whataburger & it was freakin' delicious! Thanks, Mrs. Who, for not letting me give up hope. :-)

Here's my proof Whataburger exists:

And here's my proof it is good:


Mrs. Who said...

I told you so!!!

And I'm so glad you got to go.

Now you're making me hungry!

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