One Year

Hard to believe it's been a year since the seizure. Not that I haven't had a few ups & downs, just like all of y'all have, but I'm generally in good health; pretty happy; and am fortunate that the only reminder of that incident is this well-hidden scar on the top of my noggin. (A special thanks to Mrs. Who, whose thoughtful gift kept it that way, even right after the surgery!)

Since the C-shaped scar is in fact there & I have a needlessly disturbing sense of humor, I figure having a little fun with my situation is in good order. You see, baldness runs in my family. It seemed to skip me, as I have a gloriously full head of hair, but how would I explain this scar if that well-coiffed "do" wasn't perched up there?

Explanations for Hap's C-shaped Scar
-- Horrible incident involving an impromptu nap in a pumpkin patch.
-- "Darn right I'm a hardcore Carolina fan!"
-- "Dad thought reminding me of my GPA in high school would help for college."
-- Something involving the rescue of a busload of nuns/orphans.
-- #6 of 12 extreme protesters who declare "OBAMACARE SUX".
-- "I took folks literally when they said I should have my head examined."
-- "When someone says, 'I double-dog dare you', there's no WAY I'm backing down!"
-- "DNC tried to remove my brain & all they got was this lousy tumor."


Bitterroot said...

"I dunno... The last thing I remember is I was handing out Gadsden flags at a Town Hall meeting, and some SEIU guy was walking toward me."

Mrs. Who said...

A whole year already??? Wow.

Fun with scars...must be a guy thing.

pamibe said...

Love Bitterroot's comment! LOL! Happy anniversary...? :D

RonnyEngrish said...


RonnyEngrish said...

Glad your okay.

Harvey said...

C is for cookie
That's good enough for me


Hapkido said...

BR: Ooh! Good one! :-)

Mrs. Who: OK, how to answer that one...um, how about, "Chicks dig scars?" ha ha

Pam: BR always seems to have great comments, doesn't he?

Ronny: Thanks!

Harvey: Now that's a welcome blast from the past!!!

patti said...

horse kicks leave c shaped marks...

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