The Farve Saga

I know I know Everyone is sick of hearing about the FARVE TRADE.

I have not had my say in this as a die hard Packer Fan and as an admirer of the Legend of Brett Farve. As my fellow life-long Packer Fans and I have lived through mediocre Packer Teams and I have had the patience to survive it, we think we are entitled to a little say in this deal. We do not have any desire to return to the Post Bart Starr era. BUT NOOOOO. It appears that the brainiacs in power at Lambeau are testing that patience once again. Someone up there needs to do a Rectal-Lobotomy on the Head Coach, GM and the Team President (ALL of whom need to go). What happened to the brains and genius of Ron Wolfe, Bob Harlan, and Mike Holmgren? They left a vacuume in the athletic intelligence community of Middle Wisconsin. Oh I cant believe I am going to say this but …THOSE WERE THE DAYS. The Packers had the Hat-trick Team-supreme in them. They knew something that these others do not. The ability to identify TALENT, SKILL, ABILITY and to shut up and getting out of the way when that is called for.

So how do I think it should have gone down? Well Honestly if Brett asked them to kiss his holy arse I think that they should have Shaved, put on the lip gloss and PUCKERED UP.
Acheivement for Acheivement, Farve’s successes would line up farther than either of them can throw. The Ego B-Fight that went on between his majesty the Farve and the Front Office was nothing more than spoiled child’s play on the front office’s part. There are some that say that Farve brought this on himself. WELL EXCUUUUUUSE ME. It is that kind of mentality that gets you a GM position in the NFL these days. Farve paided for this team through a show of blood sweat tears and loyalty. He showed time and again that he was for the team and the team in turn was for Farve. These three stooges need to scoot closer to the table because they are going to get served a nice big serving of Crow with a side of Gumbo... and if they have room for it afterward for just deserts....a nice big cup of "You shoulda shut the....uhm....'Heck' up. (keeping it clean for Mrs. Who and the kids. :) )

This last week has got me so (Warning! Bad Pun Ahead) Cheesed Off that I have been practicing my new chant. J.E.T.S. JETS JETS JETS. it really doesn't hurt as bad as I thought it would.

As I was stinging from the pain of this unecessary trade I ran across the article below that sums up exactly what I was thinking. Jason Whitlock had the precise information that was going through my head but I could not put in words the way I wanted.

While I do feel for Chad and I do wish him luck, I bear no such sentiment for the HC, GM, and TP at the Packers. They will go down in history but not as they expected. They will be know as the idiots that let a good one get away in favor of their wounded pride.

To all the Farve haters out there who say he will fail in NY. If that is true then why were the 3 stooges in Green Bay so terrified that he would play in the NFC? Because his No-End-In-Sight-Skill is the thing that keeps them awake at night and they want that as far away from them as possible. Also Why were soo many teams very interested in acquiring Farve if he is "Done" as you say? Probably because it is only wishfull thinking talking and not common sense.

Dan Marino left when he got pushed out. He could still throw the ball better than his replacements. Look where Miami has gone since. Green Bay I still love you and will always be a fan but I am NOT a TT MM or MM fan and will not be happy again till they are nothing but bad memories.

Farve will reign again in NY and "J.E.T.S. Jets jets jets" is not that painful to say.

To the Jets fans. I envy you. You may see the end of the Patsies sooner than any of us thought possible and at the sound of Roaring Jets fans. I look forward to your many victories.

To the Penninton Faithful: I feel your pain much more than you probably realize but I do not have the Team hope that you can have. I did not like Farve when he first came to Lambeau. It took time. He also was not the legendary gunslinger then, that he is now.

To the Patsies. Your day has come. There is a new Marshal in town. He doesn't take too kindly to cheaters. Enjoy preseason, because Brett's coming and there is going to be hell to pay.

To Brett 'the Jet' Farve. We 'The Faithful' will always love you and miss you in the mid-west. Good luck Country Time. Teach them New Yorkers how to do the Lambeau Leap for us.


Matt said...

Sorry, but he'll throw it into triple coverage just like he always has. And whats wrong with Rogers anyway? Okay, so that last part was a bad joke.

RonnyEngrish said...

Yeah Matt. Farve is the only one with the rocks to fire a bullet into Tripple coverage. Can you imagine what that would have been like with (dare I say it) Randy Moss on the receiving end in Green and Gold. I know Wishful thinking.

But ya know A QB with the most Interceptions doesn't get there unless he has HUGE numbers to balance that out. If it was Brad Johnson (not Picking on Brad he was just the first moderatly average QB to come to mind) with that number of Ints vs Brad Johnson's TDs, or Ints vs Brad Johnson's Wins, or heck Ints vs Brad Johnson's Completions.....Brad Johnson would not be allowed to touch a football. But it is Brett Farves Incredible successes and sheer ability that allows GOOD coaches to say...yeah he threw into triple coverage. He can still throw a 60 yd pass in overtime to win a game.

Rodgers....oui. Played part of one game and got hurt. He played good that portion of the game but he played against a team that did no prep for him. They played a prevent defense. He's fragile. One missed block and we will have Backup Brock taking snaps from his former Louisville center. Anyone that believes that the Packers are prepping Aaron Rodgers for the future rather than a pine box at the hands of NFC rival Defensive Linebackers is 'Gravely' mistaken. Brock, not Rodgers, is the future. However shortlived that is. Rodgers is the Fall Guy.

Hapkido said...

Ronny, looks like you've met my brother in SC, Matt. He's like me but less patience for Cheeseheads.

BTW, how'd that last Packers/Giants game go? MWAHAHAHA

RonnyEngrish said...

Hap's Evil brother. hmmm.

The Packers Giants....Yeah I know. Farve tried once again to carry the Offense.
Let us take a trip to the land of Make-believe for a minute. I realize that this is Mr Rodgers Territory but I digress....

WHAT IF.....
Farve got his way and renegotiated his contract to allow the Packers to be able to afford both himself and Randy "The TUDE" Moss? Hmm? I'm thinking that the Pack would have beat the Giants. As well as probably have been the only NFC team to have ever gone undefeated. Farve saw it. The Coaches did not. It did not happen and the Pack did make it to the Playoffs but peaked too early. They were flat going into the playoffs. Too many missed oppertunities to make the big plays and when the time was running down Farve tried desperatly to force it. It was said somewhere by someone close to Farve that he really beat himself up over that and replayed EACH down over and over in his head. Second guessing everything. It was the only thing from Farves side that was edging him toward retirement. The rest of that was the flaky front office.

And I will admit that in a preseason game for only one and a half quarters Aaron Rodgers looked OK. Not great. OK. We have a lot to see this year.

I am still working on my J.E.T.S. JETS JETS JETS. Chant. It is not nearly as painful as I had suspected.

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