Hap's Back (Saga of the Notebook)

Needless to say, I won't be buying a Dell anytime soon. Of course, my "buddies" at Best Buy (short for "Best buy someplace else, fella") did me the great favor of NOT sending the Dell to the service center after the motherboard died. No, they let the thing sit in the store for 4 weeks while they did nothing...

So, after my brother was kind enough to call them - in place of my ranting anger - they agreed to make good on the warranty & give me a new laptop. Of course, the new one is an HP, not a Dell. Here's hoping that my next foray into the world of portable blogging is met with more reliable service.


RonnyEngrish said...

Welcome home.

Okay it is not the DELL that you made the mistake on. It is the method in which you purchased it. NEVER NEVER NEVER buy a computer from Best Buy. EVER. I will have to take away your Nerd Card! Buy software from there buy parts from there but NEVER the whole enchilada from there. It is the same as buying a PC from a guy on the corner.
I know people...well more like scum, that would buy a PC from there swap the parts from the broken one that they previously owned and would return the Best Buy one with the faulty parts for In Store Credit and then go buy a TV or something that they could not Bstrdize.

I personally own several Dells and I have had very good luck with all of them. I also have a clue when it comes to PCs. The Truck....that is a different story.

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