The Darker Side

Oh, it's not all that "dark", per se. Let's just say that when, in my role as an instructor in TKD, I tell the whole class to keep their hands up or everyone will do push-ups, I. Mean. It.

Of course, I'm going to lead by example & will do them myself - and let's not miss the point:

1) In self-defense, if your hands are down, you're toast. I don't care if a mugger is going to punch you, a drunk is going to tackle you or Mother Superior is trying to smack your face with a ruler. Hands down = lots of pain headed your way.

2) It's expected in the art. Hands up, ready for confrontation and available to use. I understand, little Timmy, that you may have seen a rough day swimming on this beautiful summer afternoon. However, I'm pretty darn sure the parent next to you in class had a rougher one. Suck it up, kid.

3) Show respect for your instructor(s). Most importantly, I mean the Chief Instructor - who is on vacation. If you disrespect anyone in that class, you're disrespecting him. That makes me angry. Much like Bruce Banner, you don't want to see me angry...

So, ten measly push-ups later, the same two kids learned just about squat. I was nice enough not to single them out - after all, 20 people were just disciplined thanks to two recalcitrant young boys. I promise you all this: if I have to do any more push-ups because of some slacker kids, I will be more creative in my methods of correction.


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