Moving Day

Today, I trekked to Ames to help little sis Sarah move back for college. It was a nice change of pace for me - as I've been somewhat busy (yet bored at the same time).

The trip was fun & we talked about tons of stuff (best joke: What are the sexiest animals on a farm?). It took just under 2 hours & we only needed an hour to move her in - it's not a big moving day at ISU, apparently.

Now, I don't know when the last time was any of you saw a dorm room but HOLY CRAP! This thing was huge. Sure, it's technically 3 rooms, 6 people but that's TWO floors, TWO full bathrooms, a living area, kitchen across the hall, etc. This place is amazing. Heck, it's almost better than my apartment! It's light years better than the dorms at UI (miserable bastion of liberalism that it is).

So, after a rather enjoyable, uneventful move-in, we all went to lunch at Applebees - which is a nice enough place...when you're not getting a bit of the food poisoning, that is. Yeah, less than 1 hour later, ol' big brother is in the bathroom making more noise than a high school marching band backed up by a 747 jet engine. It was bad.

Still, I recovered & it was a good day. I left about 1pm & made it home about 3 - just in time to get ready for class...


RonnyEngrish said...

What the heck?!? I visited there for a Non-College event and was put up in one of the dorms. I think someone could have committed a crime and received more space. I spoke to a couple students that went there about the size of these Shoebox rooms and asked them how the dressers, desks and the beds X2 all fit in that room. They said they stack on top of each other with the Bed ontop. The girl said the first night she woke up and sat up in bed, hit her head on the ceiling and darn near knocked herself out.

Sis must be something special to get a student condo like the one you described...and left your mark in apparently. Nothing like breaking it in for her.

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