This week on the DL: Special Honorary Member

From www.foxnews.com/oreilly 7-16-2008 the Pinheads and Patriots we have an honorary Leader in the DL list. Introducing John Wiley Price. Incidentally his middle name is from a cartoon character that the Road Runner made famous.

Actual Conversation
Other Commissioner: It sounds like Central Collections has become a black hole. (this commissioner is of a mostly Caucasian persuasion)

JOHN WILEY PRICE, DALLAS COUNTY COMMISSIONER: Can I get an apology from the commissioner? In this day and time, you don't sit around the table where you have diversity and refer to a black hole. (Johnnie is an African American but is apparently not up on his science.)

Other Commissioner: Well, sure I do...

(End of Conversation)...

Black hole is in space. Now John Wiley Price, one of the commissioners who was offended made it worse when he talked to a FOX News reporter.

(Actual Conversation:)

PRICE: If it's angel food cake, it's white. If it's devil's food cake, it's black. If you're the black sheep of the family, then you've got to be bad, you know? White sheep, you're OK. I'm OK if I'm bartering with you, I'm OK. But if I try to Jew you down, oh, is that racist? I thought it meant the same thing. No, maybe it doesn't.

(END Conversation.)
Pinhead doesn't even begin to cover this.

GEEZ. This Educated DL doesn't even know what a "Black Hole" is. I am pretty sure he know what a hole is. uhem. Sorry lord. couldn't resist.

What is next John?

Former - Current
Shell Shock - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Fat - Obese individual with a thyroid disorder beyond his/her control

Bum - Penniless Victim of society

Addict - Drug-addled Victim of society

Hippie - Anti-war protester

Black Hole - Large mass of concentrated matter by which time/space are inverted upon themselves.While it resembles the properties of a "hole", and is, in fact "black" due to the fact not even light can escape its influence, this is not a nomenclature acceptable at the Dallas City Government level.

I urge everyone to contact the Educated Man in Downtown Dallas and explain that a Black Hole has nothing to do with race. Just because John had the brains to leave his contact information on his website with the quote "To his constituents of Dallas County's District 3 he is simply, "Our Man Downtown." shhhheeesh. More like "The Village Idiot."

Call him, Fax him, Write him, Send him Pictures, Someone dig up the old Disney movie, stop by with charts and diagrams of what a Black Hole really is.
Dallas ... you have a commissioner who's communication cannot transcend racism. At the next election ....please tell him where to get off the stage. We would not want him seeing the Black Lights in the wings.

Dallas County Commissioner District No. 3
John Wiley Price411 Elm Street,
2nd Floor Dallas, Texas 75202
PH: 214-653-6671
FAX: 214-653-6622
email: secrb3@dallascounty.org

Congratulations John Wiley Price. You are the King of the DL. This guy is gonna be hard to beat but ya know. I got a funny feeling he will not be sitting on this throne very long.


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