Just The Ticket

I just realized with the choice of such an obviously weak running mate in Senator Joe Biden that we need to focus some of our efforts on helping this soon-to-be-struggling campaign out. Leaving the democrats with a crushing defeat will result in the abundant over-use of tissue paper. Since I don't have stock in Kleenex or Puffs, that's something that just can't happen. Besides, according to the enviro-whackos, all those liberal tears will also lead to global warming.

Obama '08 Campaign Slogans:
1) Biding our time: Biden this time!

2) Snobbery, Plaigarism & Seedy Housing Deals: Welcome back to the Clinton years!

3) Hope & Change: Pray you have either left when we're done!

4) Hey, it's not Dukakis or Mondale.

5) Only tough decisions are above our paygrades.

6) Draft Dodger? Never heard of a draft.

7) Obama '08: Turning live terrorists into "freedom fighters" since '04.

8) Young & Old, Change & Hope, Sick & Tired.

9) Obama/Biden: One opposed Reagan, the other is even crazier.

10) Obama/Biden: Like Laurel & Hardy without the funny.


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