Songs That Stink

There's always a few of these on the radio - even more so when your work
plays a Top 40 station on the overhead speakers. Since I have to listen to
it & suffer through the day, I figure I should share my thoughts (if you
can't suffer with me...)

Sucky Songs Heard At Work
1) "Hey There Delilah" - Yeah, I'm sure this is supposed to be moving but
those stupid moaning sounds that singer makes with that lazy, almost
monotone voice make me want to find him & offer up a knuckle sandwich.
Seriously, this song stinks.

2) "Big Girls Don't Cry" - But big boys do when they hear this trite piece
of junk. Sure, Fergie's the epitome of class, reserve & decency (sarcasm
here) but if you want a breakup song, play "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" or
"I Hate Everything About You" if you want something more blunt. Either way,
hearing this song makes we want to break up with someone out of spite!

3) U2 - For Heaven's sake, please go away!

4) "Too Late To Apologize" - I'm not sure if this is the actual title of the
song, but you got that right, buddy.

5) "Suicidal" - I would rather listen to anything else on this list so long
as I never had to hear this piece of junk again. Lousy voice. lousy lyrics,
etc. If a woman has you suicidal - for any reason - get away from her!
There are plenty of good apples out there! (H/T: Roses)

OK, it's not that long a list but when you hear it every hour, insanity
starts to set in.


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