Poached Salmon

I've done this a few times. I normally take a bit of seasoning, put the salmon in a pie pan & fry some greens in EVOO as a bed for the fish.

This time, however, I tried a new twist! I sliced some lemons razor thin & set them in the bottom of a casserole dish. I topped them with the fish, garnished with fresh dill sprigs & more lemon.

Brace yourselves, here's the exciting part:

The oil went right into the dish! Oh baby, that's good stuff. About 25 minutes on 350 was all it took. Delicious, juicy & the dill/lemon combination really came out in the oil. Water seems to take something out of it all.

If you've never worked with olive oil in the oven, PLEASE make sure you don't go over 350. Olive oil smokes terribly around 400 & you won't want to make your kitchen look like a commercial for that new Stephen King flick, "The Mist".


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