Peter Pan

I picked up little sis, Sarah, at Iowa State on Sunday. She asked me to since her parents were busy that day & she was late getting in Saturday night from the ISU football game in Kansas (she's in the band). I thought it was a nice chance to see how college has been for her, how her
boyfriend, Bob, was doing & how life in general was going for her.

We left Ames about 10AM & stopped at a Perkins for breakfast in some po-dunk town. She's doing well in college & having fun. I think it helps she's staying with her older sister. Besides, that keeps me from worrying about her too much (I swear, I'm more like another parent than a sibling sometimes!). Smart kid & has a good head on her shoulders but there are some jerks out there, unfortunately. She's got a lot of the "normal" concerns a college student has in life: boys, social life & such.

Anyway, I suppose I should get to the subject of this post. Her parents are season-ticket holders at the Paramount Theater & she asked me to see a production of Peter Pan with her. As we all know, anyone who doesn't like Peter Pan is un-American, so of course I went to see it. I must say it was a very good show. The lady who played Peter was, um, V-E-R-Y into her role.
She put so much energy into it, you know she loved the part...and probably needed a nap afterwards.

As I've noticed in these shows, the villains have the best personalities. Captain Hook was just pure entertainment. He took a role that's fun & added his own little twists (hook poking his good hand - great timing). Tiger Lily was played by a young lady who had some of the best facial expressions I've ever seen. She seemed "devious" in an endearing way - Kind of like she'd catch your eye but poke it out at the same time.

Smee, one of the best characters in Peter Pan, was just great. Funny, a little goofy & you just couldn't fault the guy for being a little mean-spirited. Something about that part just makes you like it more than any character in the story.

I had a great time seeing my imoto (Sarah told me that's Japanese for "little sister") again after a few months of her being at college. Being able to see her grow from a quiet, shy little girl into a social, confident young lady has been a great experience. Of course, just because she's growing up doesn't mean I won't look out for her. She's got a great start going in college & I'll help her keep that going in any way I can.


Mrs. Who said...

What a wonderful time to spend with your little sis. I worry for when my daughter goes off to college. She's a lot like your sister, but like you said, there are a lot of jerks out there. Your imoto is very lucky to have you!

Roses said...

"Kind of like she'd catch your eye but poke it out at the same time."

Made me chuckle.

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