I was watching the O'Reilly Factor last night (Guest-hosted by Laura Ingraham - rowrrr!) & the subject of Boy Scouts in Massachusetts giving care packages to the military came up. Apparently, this was stopped by the state as the government considers it "political" expression. I don't recall the full details but there was a law cited that prohibits political activity within a certain area of a polling station (or something along those lines).

That's right, patriotism is apparently political. Furthermore, as Laura Ingraham said, how can the left argue they can be patriots by supporting the troops but not the mission, then turn around & claim any support of the troops is purely political?

Since when is supporting the military & loving one's country a political act? Should we tell people to tone it down when talking about how much the love their kids? Sally may have earned a place on the honor roll & spent hours volunteering in the community but you'd better not toot your horn about how proud you are. Loving your children is political speech!

(Note: As opposed to what? Neglecting & abusing them? Stupid liberal "reasoning")

You can tell me the fact I love my country is political expression. You can tell me you don't like it. You can even tell me to shut up about it. However, all of those empty words will bounce right off. I've served my country, I've been to plenty of other countries & I've seen what the world has to offer. In all those experiences I've seen some good in those places. I've seen some horrible things as well.

To tell me loving the USA is bad is like a 9/11 conspiracy theorist trying to debate Einstein on particle physics: you're out of your league on this one. Think of it like a marriage of 30+ years: Can someone really tell you something about your partner that you don't already really know?



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