I am sore! Three hours of TKD, HKD & Arnis this Monday, followed by two hours of TKD & HKD today. It's a lot but as much fun as I have, it's worth the after effects.

I was feeling good yesterday - spry, even. Heck, my air falls had good height; my kicks were strong & accurate; and there was a lot of energy in the room. Feeling good, feeling REAL good!

Oh, but what a difference 24 hours can make...

Today, my legs felt like they had lead weights in them. While I did have a good time in class, the energy just wasn't that high. We did some good knife defense drills & it kept interesting the whole time but - MAN! - I just didn't feel as great as the day before.

Of course, I'm not letting that trump me. We have a seminar in Chicago - home of the backwards-a$$ pizza - this weekend on stick, knife & empty hand techniques. It'll be fun, so I'm keeping the energy up for that!


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