"Impossible" Defined

Here's a reply from one of my friends in an e-mail where four of us debated how science cannot explain away the existence of God - namely because it cannot explain how existence came to be.

This was inspired by the new Ben Stein movie "Expelled". I definitely want to see that one.

From Ron, arguably the most creative humorist of us four:

So the things that no one can describe are the senses. That wonderful unexplainable creation and gift from God.
Explain the sense of Sweet to someone that has no Taste buds.
Explain the sense of Red to someone born blind.
Explain the sense of Beethoven to someone born Deaf.
Explain the sense of Cold to someone born with no heat and cold receptors in their nervous system. (believe it or not it happens. And these people usually do not survive very long.)
Explain the sense of the smell of Roses to someone with a chronic head
cold....or born with no olfactory nerves.
Explain the sense of Common to a Democrat.

I called Ron out on the last one, saying that some things are just beyond possible...


Harvey said...

LOL! :-D

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