Keep Guessing

Ah, there are those moments that you cherish...

Like when a lady at work, who's talking about her coming 23rd birthday, tries to guess your age & starts at 25.

Me: "Nope".

Her: "26?"

Me: "Keep going".

Her: "OK, you must be 28, tops".

Me: (grinning, now) "Higher".

Her: (now getting a shocked expression on face) "Well, you CAN'T be older than 30!"

Me: "You bet I can"

Her: "Heck, 33?"

That's right folks, apparently, I look no less than eight (8) years younger than I actually am. Sure, I might act eight years younger than I actually am but that's another discussion.


Mrs. Who said...

You sound like my husband...blessed with age-defying genes. We're only ten weeks apart, but I look 10 years older. Makes me feel like a cougar, lol!

HapKiDo said...

Mrs. Who,
I think you're obsessed with being a "cougar". ha ha

It's good to look young, but I had a lady my age - with whom I was having a progressive (forward-moving, not loony leftist) conversation - and she thought I was almost 10 years younger than her!

While that sounds great, it's only beneficial if she doesn't mind looking like she went "cougar" on a younger guy.

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