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OK, lady, I get it - you didn't like the fact I divided my attention to primarily the adults in Taekwondo today. You also presented your criticism as "constructive" - which it was...until the 4th or 5th time you re-iterated your point.

We can't all be perfect, particularly when we don't have your luxurious view from the sidelines, and know that, oh, twenty or so people have entirely different things going on & may have questions - like the ones I was answering. Oh, & I'm particularly bad because I dedicated my time to a student who needed the help & not to your child & her fellow cajolers. No, I was dumb enough to spend my time on people who take this seriously.

Yeah, I could spend more time working with the kids - I'll grant you that argument. I DID spend more time with one student than I should have - again, other than you, no one's perfect. However, a condescending rhetorical question like "Did you even look at them once?" shows exactly how destructive your criticism really was. You didn't, I noticed, consider that I maybe, just maybe, had sixteen other people - who actually participate in class - to divide my attention.

You were at least courteous enough to direct this criticism towards me after the class was dismissed. With that in mind, I invite you to take lead in the next class & show me exactly how I should run things - because obviously it's easy to get twenty people to do everything you ask & focus on each individual in an orderly fashion.


Bob said...

Oh, if she only knew what you were thinking!

Remind me not to piss you off!

Roses said...

"other than you, no one's perfect"

::wipes away tear::

HapKiDo said...

Nah! I don't think you'll manage that.

I'm normally quite patient & welcome criticism if it truly offers something. Hitting me with the same thing over & over isn't constructive - it's a PITA!

HapKiDo said...

Thanks! That's high praise from someone who really knows how to tell a story!

::Hands Roses tissue::

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