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OK, I've been gone for awhile...no particular reason other than being neglectful of my blogging responsibilities. I'm hoping to correct that & resume blogging more regularly.

Basically, I'm getting settled into a new routine in SC & pretty darn thankful to not have a freezing IA winter slapping me in the face. My new job is a job - basically a means of making money - that gives me little enjoyment because there's no organization in the organization/ Mostly, I get the idea management is in the "wishing" phase of improvements. Yeah, that doesn't inspire confidence...

My brother & I are planning to start JKD lessons next week. We got a pretty good deal for private lessons. Also, I ordered a TKD book for forms & it arrived today. Now, I can start working on my last 2 forms for 3rd degree. Lastly, there's a HKD school right down the road that my instructor's instructor knows & he's going to give a call on my behalf. I don't know that I'll attend classes but will at least give the courtesy of showing up & talking to the Chief Instructor there.

Also, I joined a local gym, Peak Fitness. Pretty nice, especially for $20/month. They have plenty of good equipment & a small room where I can work on my forms. I went over all of mine tonight & did pretty well...just a couple hiccups in Koryo, a 1st Degree form. Mostly, I just have to tighten them up & record a video to send to my instructor so he can be sure I'm ready to test.

Well, that's the quick & easy update. I hope all is well for y'all & talk to you soon!


Harvey said...

SC? When did you leave Iowa. Did I miss something, or is my Alzheimer's acting up again?

Hapkido said...

I moved here at the end of October.

I could swear I mentioned it in the blog, but maybe not.

Sorry for leading you down the path of confusion, sir! I promise I haven't gone liberal on you! :-)

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