3rd Degree In Separation

I've decided to get ready for my 3rd degree test. I'm only a bit overdue (7/31/2009 was my eligibility date) so maybe I should think about getting ready.

The first step I took was joining the local gym - which I've been attending regularly. The workouts have been mostly cardio, though my brother has helped me with some minor weight training. He does a system of opposition: when he works one set of muscles, he then works the muscles that pull in the opposite direction. It feels balanced & it seems I'm not so sore the next day.

The second step is learning the two forms I need to promote to 3rd Degree: Choong-Jang & Juche. If you watch these, the former doesn't seem too bad to me. The latter is a bit more involved & I think it'll take a lot more time to put together (much less make it look good).

Next, I have to design 5 one-step sparring techniques (basically, punch defense) which are mostly complete. I'm centering this around punching combinations from an attacker. This came from the idea that an aggressor won't just stop after the first punch & the attacks will keep coming. It seems to flow well & I've even incorporated some good HKD concepts into them.

When all this comes together, I'll do a video of my forms, self-defense & one steps to send to my instructor. If he's satisfied with my performance, hopefully I'll be able to test for 3rd Degree after I do a refresher on all the terminology...


Mrs. Who said...

I think the above commenters need several degrees of separation from here.

Best of luck to you Hap! Will we get to see the video?

Hapkido said...

Mrs. Who:
No kidding! I'll give them credit for putting so much effort into spamming but, really, take it elsewhere, guys.

I'm not sure on the video. I'll have to get one of those little HD camcorders or something so I can do quick uploads.

Anonymous said...

Brim over I assent to but I about the collection should secure more info then it has.

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