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Well, let's worry about the gun, first...

I'm (still) looking into purchasing a good firearm. So far, there are many good choices out there by Springfield, Taurus, S & W, Kimber (on the high end) & others.

What I want in a handgun are the following features:
- Semi-automatic
- Ambidextrous action **
- Potential for concealed carry but not too small (no subcompacts)
- Manageable recoil
- Simple maintenance

As for the (**) I need ambidextrous action only because I'm a lefty & I'm not aware of many lefty-specific guns out there. I tried a very nice Springfield that was well within my price range but the righty action was not practical in the slightest as my left index finger could not activate the slide.

For caliber, I'll go where it's best but .40 seems to work very well for me. I'd rather avoid the 9mm but am not averse to .45ACP if that load works for me.

So, with this refined list of ideas. are there any suggestions?


Frank said...

Well you could go with Springfields XD line, or a Glock.
Good luck with the hunt.

Harvey said...

Glock makes a .40.

I tried my 9mm left handed, and the magazine release is manageable middle finger, and the safety is on the trigger, so that's good.

Slide release... it's operable with the left index, but the mag release button digs into the bone on the side of my left middle finger knuckle when I do it. Really uncomfortable.

I'll check with Shakey Pete & see if he's got some thoughts.

Peter said...

Well, I am a revolver man myself but I would submit that since the vast majority of shooters use a two hand grip, it's not all that important as to which hand is dominant.

A more important question is "do you handload ammunition?" If so, you do not particularly want a Glock as they are not safe with non jacketed bullets.

My suggestion would be pick a few handguns and try the feel of each. As long as their is an ambi safety, don't worry about much else. If you are in a real gunfight and miss enough to run out of ammo, you're dead anyhow. And if you are in a real gunfight and win, but shoot a whole magazine full, plan on spending a long time in the slammer.

It ain't like you'll be busting through the door of crackhouses and if you join SEAL Team One they'll give you your shootin' irons. Anything that will allow you to put four or five shots out, accurately, is all you'll ever need in a handgun. You need more than that, try a battle carbine or a shotgun.

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