Stop Playing Football

President Obama, S-T-O-P using our military as a political football for your special-interest buddies!

First, you were indecisive about taking out the Somali pirates who held an American ship & her crew hostage. Next, you had to be shamed into meeting with Gen. McChrystal - probably a major inconvenience between pitching Chicago for the 2016 Olympics & your talk show tour - for a whole 1/2 hour.

Now, you've decided to openly allow gays in the military - a move that, based on your few previous actions, suggests you intend to further suppress morale among our brave men & women in uniform by using them as the impetus for your next special-interest "touchdown".

Before we get any farther...do I have an objection to any person, regardless of sexual orientation, serving his or her country? No. People have done so, honorably, and without some self-aggrandizing need to trumpet their preference in human genitalia. My objection is making sexual orientation the issue. Openly allowing homosexuals in the military - particularly on the heels of the POTUS showing ZERO leadership in responding to his commanding General - will tell the good people currently serving that they're part of some beltway experiment in political correctness.

Damned if that's what we relegate them to!

So, Mr. President, you score points with your hard-left constituents, most of whom probably loathe the military more than Rosie O'Donnell hates spinach. Of course, the goal is not to prevent, "cutting from the military's ranks people with needed skills for fighting". That's a total political answer that disguises chagrin as consideration. The idea seems to be unsettling the military to the point of discouraging recruitment.

In a word: Shameful.


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