Hap vs. 5,000 Volts

In a word: OUCH!

This incident involved wet ground, an electrified fence & a 1200lb Paint Quarterhorse.

In other words: 1200lb horse + 175lb Hap x 5000 Volts = ?

Juggle that equation in your head for awhile & let me know what you think...


Brian L. said...


On a positive note, I bet the experience really energized the rest of your day.

(Ba dum dum! :) )

pamibe said...

As in, Hap was blown back about six feet? Dadgum!

RonnyEngrish said...

We are going to have to start calling you "Zap"

Heh, I thought you'd get a charge out of that.

I know. You probably just said... "WATTever."

I gotta stop now. before he hunts me down and makes sure I am caught up with CURRENT events.

okay okay I am stopping now. I mean it.

Hapkido said...

Brian: Been a long time! How is life in VA? Yes, you could say it was a *shocking* experience! ha ha

Pam: Hap may have been knocked back six feet...if not for the fence on one side & big fella on the other!

Ronny: You never learn, do you? How many times must Scott be taught the error of your ways? Good jokes, though! :-D

patti said...

Forget the wire running just across the top rail, lean in to pour food into feed bucket on a wet early morning - let fly colorful explatives as voltage hits chest.

What Patti has done once, and only once....

Harvey said...

The poor horse! :-)

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