More Equestrian Math

In this equation (wow, that really works for this!), we have the following:

1 - Hap (the fateful protagonist of our story) - 180lbs

2 - Packer (the very cool, calm & collected Paint) - 1200lbs

3 - Random Horse #14 (big, stupid doo-doo head) - 1000lbs

So, here's the situation: Hap & Packer leave Barn at approximately 2pm, moving at a fast walk (6 mph, or so). After the first turn, they encounter Random Horse #14, who decides his curiosity, and possibly non-gelding equipment, is suitable for a challenge to the Hap/Packer team.

If Packer decides that RH14 is, in fact, deserving of being put in his place, how long can Hap hang on for the wild ride?

Bonus question: When do Hap's lungs give out from the screaming?


pamibe said...

Ouch! At least the equation didn't contain rolling around in the manure...? Hopefully.

patti said...

haahaheehe - wecome to my world :)

Hapkido said...

Pam: Nope! I was spared the dirty boy treatment...this time. ha ha

Patti: Thanks for the warm welcome! You & Packer shouldn't have. :-D

RonnyEngrish said...

the extra extra credit question: What color did Hap paint his drawers? IfyaknowwhatImean.

Mrs. Who said...

Please tell me there is video.

(And I bet that other horse is still snickering!)

SilverWings said...

Pictures or it never happened.



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