Nothing To Prove

OK, I know that some high school kids have precious little to do this time of year. School is getting out, they're hanging out with friends & their little hormone-driven frames just need to prove something. For that last part, I now have some advice:

Think about the person you choose to make your point.

My date & I were walking to grab a sandwich at the local Hardee's last night & just having a nice conversation when we saw six kids - two guys, four girls - hanging out at the corner by the restaurant. Now, that's not a completely unusual sight but something seemed a bit off about one of them. He started walking our way & intentionally kept to the middle of the side walk - guaranteeing I'd either have to move out of the way or butt shoulders with him.

Not being a simple thug, I chose the former. This little punk had one thing - starting a confrontation - and darned if I was going to give it to him. As we walked past, I gave his buddy a bit of a look to let him know these two people weren't an easy target & he definitely kept his distance. Obviously, doofus #1 didn't see that glare & turned around to come right up behind us. He was certainly trying to impress his friends & meant to "look big" at our expense.

We walked off without incident.

However, I'd like to say that this 16 or 17 year-old really did get lucky. Had he started something when I was alone, there's really not much of a problem: I'd get out of there as soon as I could - since there would be little sympathy for an adult with two black belts fighting off a common thug/kid. Being with a lady, the situation changes dramatically. Had he attacked, I'm now defending someone else. Nothing would have mattered other than getting her out of there safe & I would have ruined this dumbass to do it.

For you simple hooligans out there who think playing around like this is fun, just consider with whom you're messing. They may have skills in fighting/self-defense & not be so willing to avoid confrontation. Not to toot my own horn (I hope what I know never has to come out) but had this moron started something last night, I'd probably be asking someone to bail me out instead of typing this blog post.


pamibe said...

Heh. Those kids never know who will and can kick their stupid bums and who can't.

Your story reminds me of one. [Of course, right?] My good friend 'A' and I were walking through a mall. For the purpose of this story you should know that A was then a sheriff's deputy, member of SWAT and a black belt in three different martial arts. Like you, he never went looking for trouble... he is, however, a very *confident* person. LOL!

Anyway we're walking along... and before I knew what happened, he had stepped in front of me and I came to a sudden stop.

Why? A friend of mine from work was making a beeline toward us in an effort to surprise me. Instead he was met with A's unyielding bulk.

I laughed, but let me tell you... I felt safe. Yep. I do appreciate a man with good instincts, one who can protect me; I think all women do. ;)

Sorry for the long comment!

Mrs. Who said...

I'd bail you out!

Matt R said...

You handled it well, I'm proud of you.

patti said...

you and me both Mrs Who!

RonnyEngrish said...

Yeah yeah yeah Matt is right. You did the right thing.

Why couldn't you turn to your date and say: "No, dear. We don't need the barretta for this punk. I can handled this." Then turn to the punk and say "If you had any brains in that skull of yours you'd piss yourself right now and run like your life depends on it...because it does."

That or *Click-Boom*. Smith & Wesson jitsu.

Hapkido said...

Pam: Now THAT'S a good story! Even in the modern era, there's something to be said for the non-wimpy guy who can stand up in the face of confrontation.

Mrs. Who & Patti: Thanks! I hope you two are never asked to prove that! :-)

Sir: Thanks! I just knew the kid wanted conflict and, thanks to your training, I was confident enough to walk away. Had he started something, well, let's just say you have prepared me well...

Ronny: "Run like your life depends on it...because it does!" Ooh! Now there's a great line!

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