Am I the only one turned off by the $5 subway song?

Random Thought Warning.

Is it just me who thinks that the weightloss phenom known as 'Subway Jarred' been benched by a 3rd grade jingle talent contest? The economy must really be hurting.

I even went to Subway's website to ask them to please stop and they have the flipping thing on their front page where if you didn't get enough of it during Prime time television watching or on the radio every 20 minutes ... you could click on it and watch it again. What kind of sadistic creeps are working there?

I rolled my eyes and shut my browser. Then I headed to Jimmy Johns.


Hapkido said...

I don't know - I thought the stewardess in the first commercials was kinda hot...

That being said, yeah, it really is wearing on me as a song.

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