Sure Thing, Buddy

Well, my plans to move to SC may have been accelerated just a bit. As part of the 2nd round of layoffs at work, I was let go today. It's considered a layoff, not a firing & the company is going to pay me through 4/30, plus remaining vacation & will not challenge unemployment benefits. Plus, my COBRA will be 35% of regular cost.

In other words, I'm free to enjoy an 83-degree day, while getting paid by a former employer whose most redeeming characteristic was creeping my blood pressure up slowly while I worked there.

I'll miss working with some of the folks there...just some, not most. Trucking is a stressful industry. I was planning on getting out at the end of June, no matter what, so this is not entirely an unexpected turn of events. I've spent the last 8 months preparing for this day...it just came a little sooner than expected (not even mostly a bad thing).


pamibe said...

It was coming and you're not too upset about it, so instead of writing 'I'm sorry' we'll just leave it at: 'Good luck in South Carolina'. :-)

RonnyEngrish said...

Congratulations. Take the money back from nObama. You paid that to him for several years. Your turn to take it back from him. Whoo hoo! And to the former boss. When people leave a company with a sigh of releif and a skip in there step, then said company may wanna look at their management culture. Just a thought.

And a note to my boss. I like my job. It's great. I wanna work here some more too. Pretty Please.

Richmond said...

I hope something just perfect job wise comes along soon! :)

Hapkido said...

No "I'm sorry" needed. It's not a bad place to work, just very stressful at times. The time was right for me to leave & this situation is potentially more beneficial to me.

I'll love South Carolina! It's great there & no harsh winters!!!

Hapkido said...

There was a certain sigh of relief at being let go.

It's never fun losing a job though considering it was my plan to leave in June, I'm thankful I was let go instead of another planner who wants to stay here & has a family to support (which was all of them).

Hapkido said...

Thanks! I'll be searching in South Carolina, not Iowa but I'll probably be here until the end of May...

Mrs. Who said...

I'm glad it happened in this way!

patti said...

South Carolina? Well, ok, but ya know we here in the north call that "wrong carolina" heehee, just sayin :) I really like their governor. We've not had an honest governor in decades, and now we just have a raving moron.
Best of luck with that.

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