Disgusted by part of the American Race

Ever get writer's block but not because you have nothing to say but because you have too much to say and everything you have to say is aptly communicated with a screaming ......


Some one said today that Janeane Garofalo was somehow popular and respected in conservative circles because she is on that cheesey soiled diaper of a TV show called '24'. Yeah that show was kinda interesting the first time around. I watched parts of it. Then the second one came out and I watched a couple episodes. I didn't waste a minute of my life on it since. but I digress....

Janeane Garofalo is known in Conservative circles like a town whore is known in an Amish community. Everyone knows who she is and what she is all about but nobody invites that beotch to dinner.

Okay I am back.


brenda cox giguere said...

You're the only other person who has ever said that- I find the more there is out there that outrages me, the more it gridlocks me into silence! There's so much going on lately to be upset about that it's like those old plate-spinning acts keeping up with it all. AAaaaaaarrrrghhhhh! But I'm trying to keep a good attitude and hang in there. Keep the faith! Hope you're doing well.

RonnyEngrish said...

Thanks for the kind words of support. I will have more on this topic in another blog I am forming as a direct epiphani from your feedback. I am not the only one. We are not the only ones.

and yes, I am keeping the faith and doing well.

Mrs. Who said...

Janeane Garofalo is known in Conservative circles like a town whore is known in an Amish community.BWAHHAAAHHAAHHHAHHHHAHHAAAAHAAHAAHAA!!!OMG!

RonnyEngrish said...

Mrs. Who, thank you. I was begining to think my humor was failing me. I thought the analogy was very fitting.

patti said...

I have found no one any where who respects Garofalo. Pig - maybe she'll get the flu...

Anonymous said...

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