How Leftists...

Celebrate free speech...

Sure, you CAN say what you want but if some silver spoon-fed twin brother of a certain moronic blonde hotel heiress doesn't like your answer to a question & uses vulgarity to express an opinion about you - well, you're the bad guy, not him.

Regardless of your position on same-gender marriage, you're entitled to that view. While it doesn't mean everyone must agree, or even respect, that decision, it doesn't entitle a bunch of Hollywood leftist kooks to jump on a Miss USA finalist because her answer wasn't the right one in their eyes.

My belief has always been that when you resort to sarcastic insults & parodies of a person & his/her position on an issue, it means you can't defend your position in honest debate. The Hollywood left obviously has no concept of "honest" so they simply smear anyone with whom they disagree. It's a tactic meant to belittle & hijack debate from potential opposition.

If you can't come up with a productive counter-argument, Perez, shut yer yap with the insults. Some day, you might get learned good by someone who isn't willing to take your crap.


RonnyEngrish said...

When was the last time Perez did anything for somebody other than himself? Uhm Never. Miss California was representing her faith. Big Kudos for sticking up for her beliefs. You know in all of this he has shot Miss California to superstar fame with his comments. He has also turned himself into a total unrespectable dork. I didn't nor do I watch the Miss America Pagent. I know who both of them are now. I have no idea who won - nor do I care. Miss California to me is someone that represents America not Pop Culture and she is the true winner. Perez can take the tiera and shove it up his butt for all I care. He'd probably enjoy that though. The whole Hilton clan has to be a genetic abberation. This latest generation is lacking anything desirable in the continued procreation of thier genetic line. If it ended I think it would be a cause for celebration that the gene pool is cleaning itself again.

Harvey said...

Perez is just bitter because he has no friends.

At least I assume he doesn't, because no one seems to have told him that he really needs to do something about his hair.

MY friends wouldn't let me go out in public looking like that.

Hapkido said...

Many leftists I know & hear about in the news are similarly self-centered.

It takes guts to stand up in front of a group, particularly when you have a wing-nut jerk who derides the opinion he asked for.

If you can't handle the answer, don't ask the question.

Hapkido said...

Wait...that's hair?

I thought a porcupine was dry-humping his scalp & died due to realizing his unfortunate confusion.

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