Yet another Blogspawn

I'd like to introduce my ...I think I have 7 readers now, to my Blogspawn. I can hardly claim her as my blogspawn because she started flying on her own although it may have been the gusts of hot air that I produce on this site that shot her out of the nest and into the blogsphere.

Ladies and Gentlemen.... It's my pleasure to introduce to you *drumroll*.. Silverwing.

This blogspawn has indeed ventured out into the wild of cyberspace and you can see the new nest at http://silverwings-silverings.blogspot.com/ . She unlike I, can blog on multiple topics. I'm still working on it.

Pamibe, Mrs Who, BR, Hap, and my other 3 readers...ya'll be nice.


Mrs. Who said...

My goodness, Ronny. I'm always nice. Ask my kids. No, wait. Ask my husband. No, wait. Ask my mom. No, wait.

Nevermind. I'll just go welcome her in my own nice way.

Hapkido said...

What?!?! Just like that I'm a blog-grandpa?

It seems just yesterday Ronny came into the blogosphere & now he's having blog-kids of his own...


They grow up so fast, they do.

SilverWings said...


Hello, everyone! I'm Silver, nice ta meetcha!


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