Might As Well...

Nothing wrong with doing the odd meme...

Rules: Go to urbandictionary.com and type in your answers to the following questions. Post the first definition it gives you.

1. Your Name: Hapkido

-- Korean martial art that consists of a variety of arm and leg joint locks, weapon techniques, throwing, kicking, and nerve pressure techniques. Hapkido is very suitable for self-defense. In Hapkido, Hap meaning: together, or the harmony of body and spirit, Ki meaning life and body energy, Do, meaning way of life, way of learning.

2. Your Age: 34

-- Anal sex, simalar to 69. I wanna 34 that girl! (OK, that's kind of gross...)

3. One of your friends: Ron

-- triumph; decimates all in its path; very strong (Yeah, remind me not to piss him off!)

4. What you should be doing: Working

-- A term to describe the tedious and boring indentured servitude that most people are forced to endure to get money. Generally, not a pleasant experience. *duh*

5. Favorite color: blue

-- The feeling when u wake up at 7 in the morning and remembering it's a monday. (That is soooo true!)

6. Birthplace: Mineola

-- Mineola isn't defined yet. (Yeah & it's best left that way!)

7. Your nickname: Biff

-- To mess something up, specifically a physical activity.

8. Your birthmonth: August

-- The idea of perfection. The 8th Month of the year in certain European and Asian cultures signifies greatness in achieving perfection, or something close to it. (Being a Leo, I can tell you the above is absolutely true!)


pamibe said...

Ah, a fellow lion. I knew I liked you. ;)

What's the deal with all the numbers relating to sex or drugs? LOL!

RonnyEngrish said...

3. One of your friends: Ron

-- triumph; decimates all in its path; very strong (Yeah, remind me not to piss him off!)

Either I am a force to be reckoned with or Pumba. I can't tell.

Mrs. Who said...

Mineola as in Texas? (I love saying that name...Mineola...Mineola...it's like a mantra.)

Hapkido said...

Pamibe: Ah, that explains your inherent coolness!

Weird on the sex/drugs thing with numbers. It's creepy.

Ronny: Do they call you MISTER PIG?!?! ha ha *snort* ha

Mrs. Who: Sorry, it's Mineola,NY...on Long Island.

Mrs. Who said...

OMG...you're a...a...*gasp* YANKEE???

Hapkido said...

Mrs. Who: I may be a Yankee, but my heart is in the South!

Too bad the rest of me isn't...YET!

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