Gore, Again

Did you hear that Gore - not content with collapsing capitalism via "global warming" - is now encroaching on the morals previously espoused only by the catholic church?

He's suggested a method of "birth control" to replace the catholic doctrine of "rhythm method".

Gore calls it the "Algorythm (algorithm) Method".

All you programmers out there can start hating me now!


RonnyEngrish said...

I think that the image of Al Gore before reproduction would be all the birth control anyone would need. You can call it Goreplay.

Mrs. Who said...

You boys! You're making me need a barf bag.

Hapkido said...

Ronny: Did you really have to go there?

Mrs. Who: If it helps, I'm sharing your pain right now!

RonnyEngrish said...

He started it.

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