Where's the love?

Valentines Day is coming and Ronny Engrish is in desperate need of a romantic idea to surprise Mrs. Engrish with. Lately (apparently since Y2K+5) I have been very ....grumpy ....not easy to get along with ....not being a nice guy in general. Mrs. Engrish is pretty fed up with Putting up with My ..uhm...Stuff. (never know if Mrs. Who reads this in front of the kids so I gotta keep the language rated PG)

So I have been thinking what I can do for Mrs. Engrish that will not result in a frying pan going ballistic with a terminal trajectory of my crainium.

As I am a guest here on Crunch Time, and it is just the way I roll..... Please - Keep it clean.


Hapkido said...

Is recomending "bow-chika-bow-bow", clean? ha ha

I'd recommend the obligatory roses & a pajama-gram. Maybe even one of those Vermont teddy bears.

Yes, Vermont is on my communist list but friends & family come before political ideology.

(BTW, you're not a guest here, you're part-owner!)

RonnyEngrish said...

DUDE. I was thinking the exact same thing. Well the pajama-gram and flowers. I don't know about that Vermont thing tho. There is enough of that socialism going around. I don't think I should fall for the merchandising schemes. (Darnit I went all political again.)

Oh and Part-Owner. *Darth Vader's March starts playing* Muwahahaha. Power.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...is there some special hobby that Mrs. Engrish has? If so...listen around for something that she says she wishes she had...or needs...for it...and, when the big day rolls around...have it show up in, say, a big thing of flowers...or stuff it in the pajamagram. Not only does it get you points for being creative, it also gets you points for being sweet, thoughtful, and a good listener.
Just my $0.02...

SilverWings said...

...actually, that anonymous person was me. Sorry!


Mrs. Who said...

A night away. A nice motel...(do you live near the water for a pretty view?), candles all through the bathroom...a scented bath, champagne or a nice wine at the tubside...

Or do the same at home if the other isn't affordable. And a nice dinner before-hand. And maybe, just maybe, she'll let you take a bath with her. :)

If jewelry is an option...tied on a ribbon wrapped around some flowers.

Let me know if it works.

Mrs. Who said...

BTW...pajamas are not romantic enough for me. Neither is sexy lingerie necessarily...that says you're giving her something 'cause you want something.

Mrs. Who said...

Unless that's what she would like.

Okay, I'll go away now.

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