My Word

It should be in dictionaries all over the world! It is pith & brilliance given form in these trying times of sheer idiocy.

The word?


asshat (n): (1) an individual or organization so incredulously incompetent that explanation, very nearly, defies logic. i.e. - That jerk voted for a wasteful stimulus package? What an asshat! (2) a crude, needlessly argumentative individual surpassing ordinary recalcitrance. i.e. - What do you mean I need to pay for this stimulus, Congressman? Don't be an asshat about this! (3) President Barack Obama after signing any executive order. i.e. - Well, it looks like Asshat is at it again!


RonnyEngrish said...

Would that be a pronoun? For example: some one that has their head up their posterior so often that they are wearing their butt like a hat. Hence.... Asshat.

SilverWings said...


Well, there's that...and then there's the word, "Assclown" - which means someone is so utterly ridiculous while wearing their butt on their head that they might as well BE a clown.


Hapkido said...

Ronny: That's more of an "I", "we", "he" or "she" thing. Maybe we could work "AH" in there. As in, "Hey, that little AH stole my retirement fund"!

Silver: "Assclown"! I like it! Really like it! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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