Ronny Engrish For Pres. 08

Ladies and Gentlemen ...my three readers. Because you have been so loyal to the Hapkido-Crunch site I am stating it here first ...uhm..er. second actually. Since the mid-eighties there have been interesting characters that have taken up the Independent Party Mantel and have made their best run at that Wall of Domination that is the Right Wing and the Left Wing Political Machines. Thus far no one has succeeded.

Today is time for Change. I am letting you all know that I, Ronny Engrish, am sending a message to the Real World that we in the Virtual World have a voice and we demand to be noticed. I am entering the 'Race' on a New Fourth Party known as:
The Bloggers United Liberty Legion of the Super Humble Independant Totalitarianists. It is long but the short version gets lost in translation ...or does it?

Here is a the news that most of you probably missed due to the huge coverage of the last two Presidential Conventions.


Vote a few times if you feel like it. We need to get some change in Washington and I don't mean the change you have left from a Kid's meal at your local fast-food establishment. They have enough of that.

Well to my Three Readers: Good Night and Good Luck.


Mrs. Who said...

Well, if it wasn't for Sarah Palin, I would vote for you.

Is that sexist?

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