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I flew from Moline, IL to Atlanta,GA today. It's the start of a 16-day vacation for me & despite the early hour (530 AM), I was pretty jazzed about getting to SC.

Once we boarded the aircraft, I noticed a soldier boarded the plane & walked to his seat towards the back. I remember thinking to myself, "This guy should be in First class".

No sooner did that cross my mind than one of the flight attendants walked back to the uniformed gentleman & invited him up to First class. The attendant didn't make big deal out of it, no show or flash - he just invited the soldier to the front & proceeded to see to his every comfort.

It's beautiful to see an airline (or, in this case, a representative) do the right thing with only the intention of recognizing a brave man who gives more to his country than most of us ever will.


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