Part 1 - Seizure

I was having a great time on my 2-week vacation in SC. We just got home from the store (I was driving) & walked up the steps to the house.

Something felt a little weird for a moment...I couldn't release the keys from my right hand & when I reached over with my left hand to grab them, I realized there was no feeling on the right arm.

That's when everything went tense & I managed to get the words out: "Something isn't right here!" before falling down in a really bad fit. This was definitely a first for me...

I woke up 5-minutes later to paramedics over me with an oxygen mask asking me questions. All I could do was ask myself if i had been driving. Thankfully, I remembered I wasn't & everyone was OK.

A few minutes later, we arrived at the hospital for a C/T scan & an x-ray. Nothing of note on the x-ray and the C/T showed a "significant mass" on the left hemisphere of my brain. I was left that evening being told I needed an MRI to determine the nature of the mass.


Mrs. Who said...

Oh my God...prayers going out to you, Hap.

Roses said...

Same here.
Keep us updated, 'kay?

Hapkido said...

Mrs. Who/Roses,
Thanks so much. I'll be posting an update in a few. It's not as bad as it could have been & I've been bolstered will all the prayers from friends & family.

I thank you both & am proud to be able to call you my friends.


overactive-imagination said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you as well.

Peter said...

Prayers up from rainy northeast Texas.
If it helps I had a fairly serious stroke a bit over three years ago and have recovered with only minor problems with memory and my speech is somewhat slower as I tend to have to search for words.
We have a whole bunch of unused brain.

Hapkido said...

Thank you all! Peter, I can't tell you how much that encourages me to hear how well you recovered. I am in debt to all of you more than can ever be expressed.

The surgeon (Dr. Hodge) is supposed to be an excellent surgeon who was refered by another good surgeon. Dr. Hodge was straight with me, didn't pull any punches & left us all with confidence that this surgery will go extremely well.

Quality Weenie said...

Came over from Mrs Who's place.

Just sending and prayers and to let you this ...

My grandfather and my best friends mother both had large tumors on the brain, both had surgery to remove them, successfully I might add.

My grandfather lived another 10 years (old age and cancer eventually got him) and my best friends mother had the surgery 11 years ago and is going strong.

Although with my grandfather (really my step-grandfather) after the surgery was complete woke up and could only speak Danish (he was from Denmark), it latest a week or so but they got a translator and all was fine until his brain remembered he spoke english quite fine too.

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