DL also stands for David Letterman.

Good Evening to my Three Readers - you know who you are. Don't worry, Your identities will not be revealed.

I should have known better but what was I thinking? Did you all know that the talking head of Tonight's Top Ten List fame is a flaming dumb liberal? I just cruised the channels tonight and stopped on David Letterman. I had not really appreciated Jay Leno's taking the great Johnny Carson's seat on the Tonight Show (kinda like my difficulty seeing another QB running the Pack. Not as good as the Legendary Brett Favre now Jett Favre.) So I skipped Jaws and I stopped and watched Letterman. Tonight must have been the humor writer's day off and Howard Dean was filling in. All he did was rip on everything GOP but none of it was humorous in the least. He poked crap at about McCain's Age after a mild admission of McCain's survival of 5 years in the dreaded Hanoi Hilton. It was 5 and a half years. I think the half was well worth mentioning but what could we expect from a DL. Then he had the gall to say (paraphrasing) "What would happen if while President McCain was sleeping ... after living a long fulfilling life....he does not wake up? Look who we got for President now????" Then proceeded to bash Sarah’s experience. I know there will be age jokes about McCain and if that is all they have...geez they are desperate.
And am I the only one who finds this DL Dumb Logic...confusing? This week nObama was just quoted as saying that he had more experience than the GOP-Veep-To-Be because nObama has run a campaign for president. He even had all (yes ALL) his facts wrong from the number of employees to the size of the budget.
I ask my Three Readers...Since when did running a campaign garner more experience than governing the Union's LARGEST STATE??? AND....Why is this not funny stuff?!? Shoot I could have written a ton of jokes about this. What I find even more disturbing is that the Dem. Pres. Nominee actually saw that it was necessary to defend himself from not only the GOP Presidential Nom. but ALSO the VEEP from the other ticket. Holy crud they are running scared. And why is THAT not funny?
DL even took the low road, and ripped on Palin's Daughter's situation. Why was starting a family at 17 such a freaking scandal over nObama's Alcoholic Drug using Teenage years any less a scandal? And….Say it with me ….WHY IS THAT NOT FUNNY?
Craig Ferguson on the Late Late Night Show (I couldn't sleep) actually had a joke about Palin's Daughter being pregnant too. He said it "is not news and should not be news, UNLESS John Edwards is the father." Now THAT is funny. His political jokes were well balanced and he stayed away from 'low class' themes. Well lemme rephrase that...(thinking)... okay Craig plays with gutter humor not gutter politics.

Well it is late I am tired of watching the crap that the seriously delusional dope smoking censors have somehow found fit for public access television. I am going to bed. I can’t wait to hear Sarah Palin rip it up Wednesday night at the GOP convention.

Good Night to all (three of you).


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