Part 3 - Update

Quite a few calls today, many not at all pleasant.

First, the ones that mean something:
There's a pre-op scheduled for tomorrow, 9/16, at 0700. Just getting things ready at this point.

The actual "opening" is 9/17 after a 0630 MRI.

Updates will come as soon as possible.

Now, the crap I could have done without...
1) Hospital called asking for deductible payment. Nice, jerks. You'll get your freaking money.

2) Work called to inform me I'm on disability - no surprise there - AND that I won't be paid for the 1st 5 days I'm off unless I burn vacation. I have 1 day left & 1 floating holiday. Really, morons, don't you think I have more pressing issues on my mind (sorry)?

On the above 2, you'd think both parties would show some tact & wait until things were settled down a bit. At least there's no rush getting back to work - I have 5 weeks of disability & should only have to use 3 at the most.


Mrs. Who said...

Hey, Hap...this could have you banging your head against the wall...maybe that would actually take care of the problem!

Mongol said...

Praying for a successful surgery and the other stuff that goes with it

Dusty said...

Good luck. I'll be praying for you.

Hapkido said...

Thank you all for the prayers, kind words & encouragement. To know there are such people I can count as friends is completely humbling.

I owe you all more than can ever be expressed (though, for darn sure, I'm going to try!)

We'll get word out as soon as we can. Thanks again.


Mrs. Who said...

It's now the 17th...hope the surgery is now done, and that you're resting comfortably...or at least very drugged-up. heh Morphine can be your friend.

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