Workout Schedule

Oh, you'll love this one.

Here's my workout for today:

00:35 - Wii Fit (20 minutes boxing, 15 minutes stepping)

01:00 - Taekwondo - Including sparring with a very talented lady. Great workout!

01:00 - Hapkido - Less intense than TKD for cardio, but still a good workout.

00:40 - Wii Fit (10 minutes boxing, 30 minutes stepping - count was 2982)

By my count, that's 3 hours, 15 minutes I spent exercising today! Man, I feel great & I wish I could do this everyday. I'm sure I won't feel that way in the morning but right now, all the above was completely worth it!


Mrs. Who said...

Umm, I think you took my hour of exercising in there....time for me to go back to bed!

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