2 Out Of 3 Ain't Bad

We had three good students test last night in TKD - all brown belts. It was a long test for that level & I'm confident my instructor threw everything at them that was reasonable.

I'm actually going to say I was impressed by all three. I don't think that's ever happened.

One part of the test involved them defending against me touching their head. This was full-speed, open-hand (don't do damage) & they had to successfully block my "attack". Well, the first two did well on the block but forgot the main part of what we teach them: Move. Your. Head. They both got tapped.

The third young man, Alan, DID move his head when he blocked & I never came close to touching him. Bravo! Exactly what he should have done. While I know there are plenty of people faster than me, it's still no small feat for a youth to dodge a full-speed strike from an adult.

As for the rest of test, they're actually ahead of where I was at the same level. Ouch. I'd say forms need a little touching up - OK, cut them some slack, they're still young - and very little else needed work. Self-defense was strong & technique was good for all three.


Mrs. Who said...

What a neat opportunity to give kids a real skill and discipline! Goo on ya!

Hapkido said...

These are definitely some of the best the school has. I do wish they understood the Theory of Power (it's important for TKD)but I'll work with them on that.

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