We had 3 candidates test for black belts tonight (Catie & JD for 1st degree, Will for recommended black).

Both JD's & Catie's technique were beyond impressive. All things being equal (which they aren't), each could probably take me in sparring. Both caught me once or twice in 1-on-1 but I still landed most of the hits. Still, the talent of these two make me feel like I've lost a step - but that says more to their abilities than anything.

Will has decent technique - he gets frustrated easily at 16 - and it's his power that does the talking. He's taller & stronger than the average 16 year-old...you'll know it when he hits you. Fortunately, for me, that power comes at the price of less speed. Once he starts throwing combos, however, you'd better watch out!

Self-defense was great for all of them. Catie needs to put more "oomph" into it, but she can still make you pay for grabbing her. Will was shown that he can't rely on power to get him out of every situation & adapted quickly. JD stayed cool under fire.

All three passed. We need to work with JD on terminology, Catie on power & Will on sharpening a few techniques. All are in great shape at their respective levels & there's plenty of time to get them dialed in with the above.


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