Another Step

OK, not much of one but I got my car started after the battery died. Some ice had worked its way under the trunk support rods the last time I opened it. When I tried to close it, the trunk stayed open just enough to keep the inside light on...for a week, effectively killing the battery.

Fortunately, a jump got her going again & a few minutes of tooling around in the parking lot to keep the rotors clean, brakes in working order & gears lubed helped out greatly. I bought some fuel stabilizer so the remaining gas in the tank won't separate on me.

After I can drive again, I'll get the oil changed (can't do it myself since there's no level surface to use here) & probably get the coolant system flushed, just to be safe.

Driving comes back about 3/10 or so, after the follow-up MRI with the doc in S. Carolina. After that, it's three months until I kiss this winter wasteland goodbye!


Mrs. Who said...

Yay for progress!

RonnyEngrish said...

Bummer for leaving all the Global Warming for us to deal with.

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