Mea Culpa

I have to apologize for that last post. No, not because I was venting or upset or frustrated. My apology is necessary because I worried some very good people unfairly. Re-reading the entry, I can see how that was so easily misconstrued. "I give up" for me = throwing my hands up in resigned disgust.

Now, this isn't some "everything's all better" message - there's still plenty for me to sort out of all this - but I am sorting it out. It'll just take time & I ask that you all be patient both for & as an example to me.

Thank you so much for your kind words & concern. My promise is those both will not be in vain.


Mrs. Who said...

You know you're in my prayers.

Hapkido said...

Thanks for the info

Hapkido said...

Mrs. Who,
Thank you, very much. Really, all of this is just the stupid recovery process. It's frustrating because Iowa is such a "stranded" state in the winter. In SC, there are options because it's 1) warmer & 2) places are in walking distance.

If I could get to class/work out, that would help 75% of this stuff. Thanks to the crappy weather, that's getting tougher.

At this point (& how sad is this?), I'd rather be at work than home because there's something to do & people with whom I can converse. Considering I'd just as soon smack my boss upside the head as see him right now, you can imagine how dull things are at home.

I'm trying to get my friends to do something one weekend. Not this weekend, of course, as they all have plans. It also seems when I mention the needing a ride thing that setting something up gets that much tougher. Makes me feel like a social-leper among the people I know best (though I can't believe they'd ever feel that way).

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