Crossing A Line

OK, mister idiot - that's your name now that you have proven you have no sense whatsoever - I guess you think it was amusing/funny/comical to throw that air-filled mini basketball at my head while I was in the bathroom. It's probably even funnier to you that (you think) I don't know who did it.

I'd like to take a second to remind your sorry rear that I just had brain surgery about 2 months ago & my head, as you might imagine, is high up on the list of things that should be protected.

So, since you: 1) missed; and 2) left said ball in my possession, I think it's staying with me until you're man enough to come find me & explain your actions. Keep in mind that I do know who you are (I'm not an idiot) & am gracious enough not to rake you through the muck by pointing the finger - index or middle - at you.

The way I see it, there are two options. You can man up & explain yourself OR you can go buy a new ball, thus confirming to everyone you actually threw the 1st one at me.


Mrs. Who said...

Be a gentleman. Give him the ball back...with an incision in about the same place as your surgery.

Bitterroot said...

Hap - you need one of these. The benefit is twofold: Magical noggin shield, and whether by fear or uncertainty about your mental state, NOBODY would mess with you! ;)

(Of course there are the awesome side benefits: protection from alien neural disruptors and government mind-tapping!)

Hapkido said...

Mrs. Who: There are times...ha ha
I think it's actually more fun knowing the guy is scared to come get his ball back. He probably thinks he'll get hurt. I just want him to stand there awkwardly while he tries to explain why he shouldn't have a basketball suppository.

BR: Oh man, that's cool! The Merlin "hat" from Excalibur would be just the ticket. That would scare a lot of people AND serve as a rescue beacon if I ever get lost in the wild! :-)

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