Demo August 2008

Here's pics of a demo the school did at Watermelon Days in Atkins,IA this past summer. It was a great time, despite a couple injuries: One moderate (Mr. Reif's ankle) & one minor (my left thumb).

One thing I can't figure about Iowa is how every bleeping thing grown/raised in the state has a "day" in the summer. It's confusing with all of them. Since everyone drinks to excess at most of them, I propose re-naming them all for various types of alcohol (Sign me up for Big Sky Moose Drool Days!). Everyone will remember them better that way.

Anyway, here's a few of the pics:

(Me with 2 bricks. I've never had the center piece break out like that before.)

(Dylan getting tossed a bit.)

(Poor Dylan again.)

(OK, I must like picking on him...)

(Mr. Reif taking a throw.)

(Taking Mr. Lee down.)

So, by now, a lot of you may be thinking, "Sure, Hap, you can throw people around - you're an adult". Well, allow me to introduce Catie - a young lady (about 14) who is a recommended black belt in TKD & a talented young lady. She's the best proof I have that anyone can defend themselves with good training.


Mrs. Who said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures...it looks like a lot of fun!

brenda cox giguere said...

Excellent photos and a fun post, very inspiring.

You've shamed me- Maybe I need to get out from behind the computer monitor this week and get myself in gear.

Happy Thanksgiving! take care-

Hapkido said...

Mrs. Who: It definitely is. If you ever have the time (wishful thinking, I know), martial arts are a great activity to enjoy.

Brenda: No shame intended. If this surgery has taught me anything, it's that taking all this for granted is very ill-advised.

Happy Thanksgiving to you both!

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