Another Step

Tonight, I did my first rolling fall since the surgery. OK, that's not a world breaker for news but it's a sign that things are getting back to normal. When you spend a lot of time worrying about bending over because of the hole in the top of your head, doing a controlled somersault is a big deal.

I guess I'll give it a few more weeks before I start doing regular break falls & it'll probably be January before the air fall comes back into the picture...or even March when the meds go bye-bye.

Two months off has really hurt my (already waning) cardio & it's starting to show in class. Even the most efficient breathing routines aren't keeping up with the level of activity. My kingdom for an elliptical!


Mrs. Who said...

Yay for Hap! I admire your tenacity...you're refusing to give up. That's probably 95% of the battle won right there.

Hapkido said...

Mrs. Who,
Thanks! It's fun to get back into it. I'm having to shake a lot of rust off, but it's amazing how well my right side "remembers" how to do all these techniques.

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